2021 products

2021 products

After a well deserved break we are back in the lab trying to come up with new, neutral pH products.

We are very close to finalising a very exciting new, low foam product which can be used for parts washing and in machinery cleaning where foam is not desirable.

As ever we have made it pH neutral, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, cost effective and, crucially – it works.

Whilst, so far, we have been creating a product which works best at 60C, we have found a way to use the product at a range of different temperatures, so if there was an application which didn’t need a high temperature solution, we could amend our formulation slightly and be able to clean at a much lower temperature – smart chemistry!

We are hoping to launch our low foam product soon as well as rebrand our Neutramec products slightly to make it much clearer what the benefit of using the product is for different sectors and environments.

After that, we are going to take another look at our paint strippers to see whether we could improve them further. Lots of work ahead!