Dowanol DPM

Dowanol DPM

Dowanol DPM is a glycol ether with excellent water solubility which makes it an ideal coupling agent for a wide range of solvent systems.

It is non-toxic and biodegradable and it used in a wide variety of applications including coatings, cleaners and resins.

We are able to supply Dowanol DPM in 5ltr containers to UK customers via our website (prices include shipping). We can also supply to anywhere in the world and in 200ltr drums. Please contact to enquire.



  • Environmentally friendly solvent
  • Safe to use
  • Wide variety of applications

Delivery information

We have over 20 years of shipping worldwide. If you are a customer outside of the UK, or want a large quantity then please contact us using the contact details below.


If you have any questions about the product or shipping then please contact us.

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