Neutramec LF6

Neutramec LF6

Neutramec LF6 is a low foaming degreaser suitable for metal washing and in dynamic systems, such as parts washers. It has a neutral pH, is not corrosive to metals, it is environmentally friendly and easy to dilute for whatever use you require down to 1%. It is excellent at cleaning parts and machinery for precision engineering without the need for high alkaline solutions.

We are able to supply Neutramec LF6 in 1ltr, 5ltr and 25ltr containers to UK customers via our website (prices include shipping). We can also supply to anywhere in the world and in 25ltr, 208ltr drums and 1000kg IBCs. For bulk orders or trade enquiries, please contact



  • Low foaming degreaser
  • Biodegradable
  • Friendly to the environment
  • Non toxic
  • Easy to dilute for whatever use you require
  • Not corrosive to metals, including aluminium
  • Neutral pH
  • Can be used in hard or soft water
  • Shipping included

Method of use

Typically the working solution is 1% but this varies depending on application from 1-5%. The solution must be heated to 50-60°C to ensure low foaming. The solution is for use in parts washing, or other highly dynamic cleaning systems where low foam is important.

It works well in hard or soft water. Tests for suitability before use are advisable.


Neutramec LF6 is a concentrated blend of environmentally friendly oxygenated solvents and non-ionic surfactants. When mixed with water and heated it forms an emulsion capable of solubilising oily, hydrophobic substances in a biphase composition making it highly effective at cleaning surfaces. This removes the need for chlorinated solvents, hydrocarbon solvents and high pH caustic solutions. The product has been formulated to decontaminate hard surfaces, particularly metal parts and machinery in precision engineering environments where metal protection is important.

Neutramec LF6 – Technical Data Sheet coming soon

Safety Data Sheets are available on request

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