Our staff at NDS Eco Solutions Ltd, have been making and refining innovative cleaners for industrial applications for more than 20 years, with particular emphasis in the energy sector. We specialise in high performance cleaning of high-value assets, where protecting the equipment being cleaned is as important as the cleaning itself. Consequently, we have developed and fine-tuned solutions to degrease, and clean with built-in corrosion inhibitors, often to military test standards. Our unique blend of environmentally-friendly solvents and micro-emulsion technology provides powerful cleaning products which are biodegradable and safe to handle.

Our own, in-house chemists, can work with you should you require bespoke formulations, or have specific requirements. All products are produced in our own 650 m2 factory and quality-controlled in our onsite lab, here in the UK. Lastly, we are very experienced exporters, having supplied materials to many countries all over the world. Contact us now to see how we can help you.

Industrial Cleaners

Powerful micro-emulsion, neutral pH cleaner and degreaser with corrosion inhibitor. Available as a ready to use solution or as a concentrate for dilution

Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion inhibitor additive concentrate (for use in cleaning/cooling applications)

Vessel Cleaning

Alkaline tank and vessel cleaner – with corrosion and scale inhibitor to reduce fouling in heat exchangers and other industrial processes


Acidic cleaners for effective removal of built-up scale. Also rust removal of rust, oxidation and other mineral staining

Own Brands

Our own line of high quality, niche cleaning products for a wide variety of uses, which can be relabelled to sell under your own brand

Work-Place Cleaners

Neutral pH workshop cleaner (for machinery and equipment) with high level of built-in corrosion inhibitor