About Us

NDS Eco Solutions Ltd is company committed to making environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for industry. We want to make industrial cleaning as safe as possible and we have a range of innovative cleaners for a number of different industries including metal washing/ultrasonic bath cleaning, brewing and printing, which are safer for both people and the planet to use.

Our powerful cleaning chemicals and degreasers are biodegradable, environmentally friendly, safe to handle and, crucially, work at a much lower temperature than traditional alkaline cleaners - helping you reach you carbon neutral targets - and they are all made on site in North Wales.

Our in-house chemists have over 25 years of experience in developing high performance cleaning chemicals, speciailising in micro-emulsion technology. We can fine tune bespoke formulations for your requirements, or take your existing products and make them as safe and effective as possible. We are able to supply from a few kilos all the way to container loads and we our products are shipped all over the world.

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