Carburretor cleaning

We have had a lot of people ask us about whether Neutramec is suitable for cleaning carburretors. We have assured people that it would do a fantastic job and one of the local garages which is trialling our product in an ultrasonic bath has sent us these pictures and said they were ‘very impressed’ with the result.
Take a look for yourself, and get in touch via for more information.

Rust remover for ultrasonic baths

We’ve been mucking around in the lab with a phosphoric acid based rust remover for the past couple of weeks and we’ve been getting good results.

Whilst it is based on phosphoric acid we’ve added a few select surfactants in to help it lift dirt and grime as well as helping it remove rust. It will also work to remove cement from tools, flooring etc, which is useful in the building trade.

We will be launching the product soon but in the meantime here are some pictures of what it can do diluted down 5:1 in an ultrasonic bath.

Please get in touch via if you would like more information.

Save money and carbon emissions with Neutramec

Companies across the globe are looking to reduce their carbon emissions in a variety of different ways, many focusing on the processes they currently have as a way to change.

But not many manufacturing companies are looking at changing the detergent they use for metalwashing as a potential area for carbon reduction.

But our product Neutramec will help companies save time, money and carbon emissions and reduce their reliance on high pH cleaners which can be dangerous to handle.

Neutramec is pH neutral, environmentally friendly, biodegradable and, crucially, works best at a much lower temperature when compared to alkaline detergents.

Neutramec can work at room temperature up to 50°C (although we recommend about 30°C) whereas alkaline detergents work best at 60°C. 

This saves the time it takes heating up solution, and money and carbon by reducing the amount of electricity used. 

Neutramec is also used at a lower dilution – between 1% and 5% – compared with 10% for alkaline solutions meaning your money is going further. 

If your company wants to find a way of saving time, money and reducing your carbon emissions then please get in touch via or on 01244 531422. 

Rust remover

We have been really busy in the lab the past couple of weeks testing and retesting Neutramec and a new product for rust removal.

We are nearly at the stage where we can put a new rust remover for ultrasonic bath use on sale but there are a few more stages to go through before we are completely happy so watch this space.

We have also been asked by a number of clients about difference aspects of the Neutramec product so we are going through and testing those out as well, for example its performance on car parts. So far we have been really happy with all the results we’ve been getting and people are very excited about the product – particularly as it will help companies reach their carbon neutral targets more quickly.

Get in touch via if you want more information about any of our products or to set up a trial.

New product coming soon…

We have been busy working away on new formulations during the epidemic and we are very close to finalising an exciting new environmentally-friendly product.

Our expert chemists have come up with a new type of cleaner for use in ultrasonic baths and overhaul cleaning in industry.

Where our cleaner differs from the current products on the market is ours is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and can be used at lower temperatures than other cleaners. Instead of working at 50-60C ours works best at around 30C – and less energy usage is better for the environment, and the bottom line.

Our product can also be used at a lower concentration level than other products that we’ve tested against. Our product is effective at 2.5% dilution rate, meaning your money goes further.

We are currently just finalising the testing before we launch in the next few weeks but please get in touch for more information on

Model Paint Stripper

We are very pleased to be able to launch a new product today (April 21st 2020), our Model Paint Stripper.

The Model Paint Stripper is specifically designed to remove acrylic and enamel paints from wargaming and other types of models without damaging the model.

It can be used on plastic, resin and metal models and has worked fantastically well on everything it has been tested on (mainly GW models).

What makes our product different to other paint strippers and model paint strippers on the market is that it is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, fume free and reusable.

It really is an excellent product, but don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself!



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