Parts Washing


Parts washing in turbulent systems where low foaming is necessary

NDS Eco Solutions has a wide range of products available for parts washing in turbulent systems where low foaming is necessary.

Our cleaners are used in a wide range of industries including printing and heavy industry and are trusted to provide a high quality clean every time.

Built in Corrosion Inhibitors

All of our parts washers come with in-built corrosion inhibitors to ensure your parts are protected and we have cleaners available for all types of metal including aluminium, brass and yellow metals.

Safe for both People & the planet

As is standard with all our cleaners, we have strived to make each one as safe for people and the planet as possible, whilst maintaining excellent cleaning performance.

Please get in touch if you are interested in any of our products.

Part Washing

Alkamec LF

A mildly alkaline low foaming degreaser. This is a traditional type, inorganic alkaline degreaser, but one we’ve made more sustainable by using a naturally sourced chelating agent instead of more commonly used EDTA or NTA. Add in a bit of mircoemulsion magic and this is a really effective cleaner with a wide range of use, particularly in heavy industries. Not suitable for aluminium, recommended dilution 10%, temperature range – 50-70°C.

Neutramec LF6

Our neutral pH low foaming degreaser. Our safest low foaming degreaser and our most sustainable because it can be used at low temperatures. The unique low foaming package we have put into this cleaner means it can be used as low as 35°C. Neutral pH means it is safe to handle and can be used on any type of metal or sensitive surface. When used it creates an emulsion which is incredibly effective at cleaning the most difficult of foulants. Recommended dilution 10%, temperature range – 35-60°C.