Parts Washing

Parts Washing

NDS Eco Solutions’ Neutramec LF6 product is a unique low foaming parts washing solution for use in dynamic parts washing systems. 

It is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, gentle on skin, works at a low concentration and has a wide temperature range for use in a wide variety of different settings. 

Watch our video to see how it compares to high alkaline and hydrocarbon solvent based cleaners. 

NDS’s Neutramec products not only provide a high standard of cleaning in a variety of different systems and industries but they are much better for the environment and for the safety of the staff using them.

Below is a table comparing the environmental and safety information of the different detergents which were used in the video.

LF6 Vs other parts washing detergents

 Neutramec LF6Mild alkalineHydrocarbon solventHigh alkaline
Temperature range40-60°C55-80°C
Approx 60°C
Recommended dilution1:1001:1001:501:10
Toxicity (at 100% concentration)Harmful if swallowed, serious eye damageSkin irritation, Serious eye irritation, chronic hazards to aquatic environment, harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effectsSkin irritation, serious eye damage, harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects, may cause allergic reactionsCauses burns and toxic to aquatic organisms
TransportationNot hazardousNot hazardousCorrosive liquidCorrosive substance
Disposal (at working strength)Not classed as hazardous wasteHazardous wasteHazardous wasteHazardous waste
Ecological informationBiodegradableBioaccumulates (kills fish)Bioaccumulates (kills fish)Biodegradable
Price of working strength solution££££££

For more detailed, technical information about the product, please follow the link to the product information page by clicking on the picture below.