NDS’s Neutramec range has been extensively tested on solvent, UV, LED and water based inks and shown to be highly effective and fast at removing all types of inks from anilox rollers and sundry equipment, even when compared to more traditional, and unpleasant, solutions currently on the market. 

Printers no longer have to choose between effectiveness and safety, as our Neutramec range removes the need for hyrdocarbon solvents and high strength alkaline solutions. 

NDS has three solutions for various types of print cleaning. 

Neutramec QuickWash is for quick turnaround washing of anilox rollers or light cleaning when changing inks over and is provided in a ready-to-use spray bottle.

Neutramec Deep Clean is for use in ultrasonic baths when a full clean of an anilox roller is needed. It can also be used to soak particularly dirty items in. 

Neutramec LF6 is used for deep cleaning anilox rollers and screen printing equipment using spray wash machinery. 

Finally, Neutramec Catalyst can be used in conjugation with Neutramec Deep Clean and LF6 to further improve performance. 

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