Wind Turbine Cleaners


A range of cleaners for the Wind Turbine & Renewables industry

We have a commitment at NDS Eco Solutions to try to make all our products as safe for people and the planet as possible.

Once common Theme

Cleaning wind turbines can be done in a variety of ways, but all share one common theme – it is done outside, in the environment. To ensure this is done as safely as possible we have made a range of cleaners that can be used in spray wash systems from drones, manual cleaning systems and robot cleaners, which provide an excellent level of cleaning with fully biodegradable aqueous detergents.

On-Shore Cleaners

All of our cleaners can be used on-shore, we are currently in the process of gaining approvals for off-shore use.

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Wind Turbine Cleaning

Alkamec LF

For use in systems such as drones or robot cleaning where low foaming is required. Mildly alkaline pH. Currently going through the approval process for offshore cleaning.

Neutramec LF6

Use in systems where low foaming is required, such as drones or robot cleaning. Can be used at low temperatures. Neutral pH.

Neutramec SC

For use in manual cleaning systems. Neutral pH