Ultrasonic Cleaning

Our Range of industrial and semi-industrial ultrasonic cleaning solutions

NDS Eco Solutions has made a range of industrial and semi-industrial ultrasonic cleaning solutions, which allows users to clean at lower temperatures with safer formulations whilst maintaining excellent cleaning standards.

Unique Microemulsion Technology

Using our unique microemulsion technology we have been able to make effective cleaners at pH 7 for the electronic, jewellery and motoring industries, as well as heavy industry.

NDS also has some alkaline microemulsion cleaners, and caustic based cleaners if that extra boost is required.

Built in Corrosion Inhibitors

All of our cleaners can be used at room temperature, with tap water and have built-in corrosion inhibitors.

Our semi-industrial cleaners are available to buy online, through our shops on eBay or Amazon. Please contact us if you require a large amount, or you are interested in our industrial cleaners.

Industrial Cleaners


A mildly alkaline degreaser with a wide range of uses. Particularly good on mild steel because of built-in corrosion inhibitors. Not suitable for aluminium.


A caustic based aqueous cleaner. Suitable for ultrasonic or manual wash systems. Not suitable for aluminium. Recommended dilution 10% at 40°C.

Neutramec SC

Neutral pH microemulsion degreaser. Despite being neutral pH the cleaner punches above its weight because of our unique mircoemulsion package which allows excellent biphase cleaning of components. Suitable for all metals.


A silicate based alkaline degreaser. A wide variety of degreasing uses. Suitable for aluminium.


A caustic-based aqueous cleaner with silicate in to protect aluminium. Suitable for use in ultrasonic or manual wash systems. Recommended dilution 10% at 40°C.

Semi-industrial Cleaners

All our semi-industrial cleaners are designed to work most effectively at 40°C with tap water. Generally, we’d recommend a 10% dilution rate but this will vary depending on the level of contamination.

Carburettor Cleaner

For use in garages or by hobbyists. The solution is specially formulated to remove oily residues, grease, general dirt, carbon, aluminium oxidation etc. from motor parts including carburettors, fuel injectors, heat exchangers etc.

Flux Remover

Specially formulated to remove flux from PCBs, soldering, water damage marks, grease carbon and general dirt. It is an effective cleaner for use on printed circuit boards, heat sinks, chip carriers, motors, metal housing etc. It is safe on brass, copper, aluminium and other sensitive metals.

General Purpose Cleaner

For general cleaning use.

Glass and Optical Care Cleaner

Formulated to remove oily residues, grease, general dirt, waxes and buffing compounds from glass and metal.

Jewellery Cleaner

Safely removes oily residues, grease, general dirt etc. from jewellery, gemstones and precious metals. Not suitable for jewellery which cannot get wet (ie. Swarovski).

Sensitive metal cleaner

Removes oily residues, grease, general dirt, carbon, aluminium oxidation etc. from sensitive metals including aluminium, copper, zinc, tin, alloys and brass.