For the past four years our chemists at NDS Eco Solutions have been working flat out to create new solutions for the industrial cleaning market.

We have launched numerous new products for degreasing in ultrasonic baths, low foam degreasers for parts washing machines, rust removers, paint strippers and more. We are also now working in more markets with particular focuses on ultrasonics, parts washing, printing and renewable energy.

We’ve been ahead of the curve with our unique formulations which provide excellent cleaning performance with a guarantee that they will be as safe for people and the planet as we can possibly make them.

One thing which hasn’t kept pace, however, was our website which was starting to show its age and didn’t reflect all the different areas and products we now provide. So, we’ve had a complete redesign with the aim of helping customers quickly find relevant information for their particular sector.

We’ve also decided to remove the shop function from the site and we will be launching a separate stand alone shop before the end of 2024. In the meantime if you need a small amount of one of our products you can purchase these directly by emailing us on , by calling us on 01244 531422, or by using the links to take you to eBay or Amazon.