In our last blog post we explained how our biphase microemulsion cleaners’ work. In this blog we wanted to show you a clear example of the benefits of the extra bit of tech and thought we put into our cleaners has.

Recently we were asked by a company who use spray wash cleaners outside to compare our biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaners against a very well-known company’s product (you might be able to work out who from the picture).

From the picture you can see that we used our Alkamec product at 10%, compared to 25% of the rival product. What we are looking for is clean, silvery chips. The darker they are the more foulant remains on them.

From the picture you can see that not only did ours clean at a much lower dilution rate, but it also cleaned at a much lower temperature. So, you can use less chemistry and less energy at the same time. Some big savings there. Get in touch today to see how we can help you!




Alkamec vs pressure washer cleaner at different temperatures