One of the things we talk a lot about when speaking to people interested in our products is that our cleaners are biphasic.

Most cleaners on the market are monophase cleaners which means they only do one thing to rid the surface of a contaminate. This is usually via desorption – lifting something off a surface.

What our cleaners do differently, via our microemulsion formulations, is they also solubilize contaminants. This is a bit more complicated but in short, it basically means that the contaminants are taken into the solution by the microdroplets of solvent and surfactant dispersed in the solution.

We can get a bit more technical than this and start talking about surface adhesion, different phases of the solution, hydrophobic and hydrophilic molecules and, if you are really interested in all of that bit please give us a call.

If you aren’t then that’s fine as well. You’ll certainly be interested in some of results. There are two examples shown in this blog.

The first is a competitor’s monophase cleaner vs our Alkamec LF solution. This is one of our hot wash low foaming degreaser products. Excellent for general parts washing. The competitor’s product is from a very well known and large chemical company, but as you can see, our cleaner has completely cleaned the aluminium chips, and the monophase cleaner has barely scratched the surface.

The second was result was using our Neutramec SC, neutral pH detergent, in a manual wash setting for cleaning heavily soiled train parts. They’ve come up nice!

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