We have been busy working away on new formulations during the epidemic and we are very close to finalising an exciting new environmentally-friendly product.

Our expert chemists have come up with a new type of cleaner for use in ultrasonic baths and overhaul cleaning in industry.

Where our cleaner differs from the current products on the market is ours is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and can be used at lower temperatures than other cleaners. Instead of working at 50-60C ours works best at around 30C – and less energy usage is better for the environment, and the bottom line.

Our product can also be used at a lower concentration level than other products that we’ve tested against. Our product is effective at 2.5% dilution rate, meaning your money goes further.

We are currently just finalising the testing before we launch in the next few weeks but please get in touch for more information on sales@nds-ecosolutions.co.uk