Companies across the globe are looking to reduce their carbon emissions in a variety of different ways, many focusing on the processes they currently have as a way to change.

But not many manufacturing companies are looking at changing the detergent they use for metalwashing as a potential area for carbon reduction.

But our product Neutramec will help companies save time, money and carbon emissions and reduce their reliance on high pH cleaners which can be dangerous to handle.

Neutramec is pH neutral, environmentally friendly, biodegradable and, crucially, works best at a much lower temperature when compared to alkaline detergents.

Neutramec can work at room temperature up to 50°C (although we recommend about 30°C) whereas alkaline detergents work best at 60°C. 

This saves the time it takes heating up solution, and money and carbon by reducing the amount of electricity used. 

Neutramec is also used at a lower dilution – between 1% and 5% – compared with 10% for alkaline solutions meaning your money is going further. 

If your company wants to find a way of saving time, money and reducing your carbon emissions then please get in touch via or on 01244 531422.